From Recipe to Table

Reimagining the Shoppable Recipes feature in Instacart to help young adults put their recipe inspirations into action

Kleiner Perkins Semi-Finalist
Dec 2022 - Jan 2023
Solo Project
Visual Design
Interaction Design
User Research
Product Strategy

Project Overview

For the Kleiner Perkins Fellowship Design Challenge, I redesigned the Shoppable Recipes feature for Instacart.

People lack the tools to conveniently act upon their recipe inspirations—recipe ideas typically don’t make it out of people’s Saved collections or Notes apps. Currently, there are many competitors in both the grocery delivery market and recipe-sharing market, with no centralized platform. This makes the process of going from the recipe to cooking the actual dish scattered and hard to streamline for people who are passionate about discovering cooking.

Instacart has a unique opportunity to become the central platform for young adults to make the end-to-end cooking process more efficient, from recipe finding to quick grocery delivery.

With a mission to help the community achieve economic mobility...

The Learn & Earn Program involves low-income families in educational events + lessons, and rewards redeemable points for their active participation.

First, families attend educational events and lessons
Through engaging in these programs, families accumulate points
They can use these points to redeem for household necessities

Sunday Friends is looking to expand their offerings to help families to reach their goals faster.

However, their current system is unsustainable & hinders productive, genuine engagement.

Why is this a problem?


For families, it is harder to stay motivated & actively engaged without an accessible way to track their progress


Feeling a lack of ownership over their points & progress is discouraging


Manually keeping track of point earnings and expirations through spreadsheet formulas is highly time-consuming

To address these needs, we built a family-friendly mobile app that acts as a connecting interface between Sunday Friends and their community members. We also built a web admin portal that streamlines the process of tracking transactions, automates point expirations, and helps admin manage their users and families.

Introducing Sunday Friends' product ecosystem

Set up the entire family

Parents can sign up their families for the Learn & Earn program directly from the mobile app

Previous solution:

Parents would have to go in-person to sign their families up

Track granular & bulk transactions

After an event, Sunday Friends’ admins can upload single or bulk transactions to a database, and track each member & family’s point balances

Previous solution:

Admin kept track of transactions manually using Google Sheets

Breaking down Sunday Friends' Unique Model

Each month, Sunday Friends hosts weekly events teaching financial literary and provides community service opportunities for family members to participate in. Each event attended will reward a point value based on level of engagement, allowing families to climb priority tiers. Tier 1 grants access to basic necessities such as toiletries & household essentials, Tier 2 enables the shopping of children toys and Mother's/Father's Day gifts, and Tier 3 grants frontline access for all the offerings in previous tiers. At the end of the month, points will expire, encouraging consistent participation in community events.

Who are the people involved?

This project is not available yet, but it will be soon!


How we structured our project.