Hu am i?

I’m Kelly Hu (hoo, like an owl 🦉), a junior at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) with a certification in Design Innovation. As a proud Canadian (I'm from Toronto!), ex-bioengineering major, and occasional video-maker, I try to be intentional about exploring a hodgepodge of disciplines that help inform my passion for design.

Always growing and reflecting, I'm currently really interested in designing for human connection and social impact. Creating delightful yet intuitive and highly polished interfaces that are purposeful and well-intentioned is what excites me!

What have i been up to?

Some of my professional experiences!

Designed and launched the slash commands feature in Instagram DMs for iOS & Android to increase discovery of new expressive features.

Designed a mobile app and web portal from 0->1 for the Learn & Earn Program to help low-income families track and redeem points, and streamline admin tasks

Introduced an end-to-end user research process and design methodology practices within the product team, which increased efficiency of product development & cut down on ad hoc requests. Led UX sprints for development of CA online scheduler and portal pages, enabling advisors to efficiently schedule meetings with students and Admissions Officers.

Through Berkeley Innovation, I collaborated with a team of UX and industrial designers to research player experiences that shape the future of gaming environments, focusing on the meaning of play, empathy, and user narratives.

Through Berkeley Innovation, I conducted research to better understand why members consistently leave the Netflix platform, and redesigned part of the Netflix user experience to improve customer loyalty and foster parasocial bonds between members and the company.

I've also been...
When did my journey begin?

I'm so fortunate for the opportunity to study in sunny California!

Where in the world?

I've never travelled outside of North America, but I'm not complaining! So grateful to have explored many beautiful sights in the USA and Canada — here are some of my favourites ~

Yosemite, California
Koko Head, Hawaii
Zion, Utah
Toronto, Canada (Home ❤️)
NYC, New York
Why design?

I'm so fortunate for the opportunity to study in sunny California!

glimpses of my life in motion picture

There's something about capturing life's most epic moments in video that you simply cannot replicate in a photograph. I hoard video clips on my iPhone camera roll; these snippets compile into 1-2 minute videos in Premiere Pro and live in my collection of time capsules.